One day Wellness Retreats Program. Starting with a Yoga Practice of one hour and a half, vegan or healthy breakfast (it could be included for an extra fee), follow for by group counseling and an Active Breathwork Session for around two hours, space for resting or lunch (optional) Circle of intention or Circle of Women with Mexican Cacao Ceremony (heart opener), tailor made for the special occasion or intention of your group ending your day with a Relaxing Massage (optional).

(Often used as a Spiritual Bachelorette Party, Yoga Retreat, Corporate improvement, among others).

You can let me know the intention or special event for your Wellness Retreat so we can tailor made it more specific for you. It can be more than a day.

Book here or feel free to message me to tailor make it.

It can be done at the comfort of your House or Villa or at my Special Locations around Latin América.
Los Cabos, B.C.S., México